We came across this great article here. Apparently, scientists have discovered that doing an act of kindess creates the biggest increase in momentary happiness! Also worth noting is that 100 hours is the magic number – volunteering for 2 hours a week is the optimum amount of time for us to dedicate to others while feeling good about it in return.
If you are struggling to appeal to people’s self-interest in order to get them to sign up to mentor a young person, you might want to send them this article 🙂 It’s a great reminder to us as Coordiantors as well who are doing this on a voluntary basis – that even though it can be hard to build this project, there is a lot of joy and satisfaction to be gained from investing our time into this.

We hope that you and your mentors are blessed by your experience of XLM just as much as the young people involved 🙂

The XLM Team


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