conspiracy_coverPatrick Regan grew up in a nice, quiet, middle-class Christian family. So he got something of a culture shock when he spent two weeks doing a mission in London at the age of 16. Having met people from violent backgrounds and living in cardboard boxes with no food, no money and no security, Patrick prayed a life-changing prayer: that he would see things the way God sees them. Soon Patrick was back in London working in schools in some of the most socially deprived areas, Patrick and his growing team slowly but surely earned the right to share the gospel. When the tide of violence began to rise, Patrick was there to provide the Christian presence so desperately needed. This book tells the story of a journey that took Patrick everywhere from the roughest estates in London to Jamaica’s Trenchtown and to poverty stricken villages in Ghana. Through it all he learnt that bringing the kingdom of God to a place can mean anything from helping a child to read to negotiating between gang leaders.

“It has everything: stories that cause you to rejoice, stories that break your heart and stories that, quite frankly, made me very angry. Above all, they are all stories that teach. They communicate the truth of the situation in many of our inner cities and also the desperate need for the church of Jesus to wake up and rise up to be the good news there. Wrapped around the stories is some of the best teaching I have found on so many issues around evangelism and justice.” – Mike Pilivachi, Soul Survivor

 “This book will inspire you to live differently and to make a difference” – Tim Hughes, Singer-songwriter

“A model for what can happen in the cities around the globe, and a must-read for anyone seeking to breathe the hope of Jesus into the generation to come.” – Louie Giglio, Church Leader


“This book speaks with passion and vision about Patrick’s commitment to reaching people in the inner city.” – Les Issac, Founder and CEO of The Ascension Trust


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