Why I am a Mentor

Why I am a Mentor

  • "Mentoring with XLM has been

    an eye-opening experience. I’ve

    felt incredibly privileged to play this

    role in my mentee’s life. It’s a

    commitment, and some weeks it’s a push,

    but in the end I’m always glad that I

    made the effort to see him. He’s a hugely

    gifted guy, and if I can help

    him in any way it’s been worth it"

    - Rob, Southwark

The Impact

The Impact

  • "Since my daughter started meeting

    with her mentor, I have noticed an improvement in

    her self-confidence; she has become happier person.

    But one of the most important improvements

    has been in our relationship because we actually

    take the time to talk now"

    - Vanisha, Parent of mentee

Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby

  • “XLP lives out Jesus Christ’s commitment to

    those in need through its youth work and helps

    create positive futures for young people who

    desperately need that support. I am delighted that

    XL-Mentoring is helping churches across the

    country set up and run mentoring programmes."

Patrick Regan

The Founder

  • "I refuse to believe

    this is a lost generation."

    - Patrick Regan OBE,

    Founder and CEO of XLP

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