Put simply, XL-Mentoring changes lives.

Since the project’s inception in 2008, XLM London has matched and supervised almost 200 mentoring relationships. Over 65% of our mentees have shown significant improvements in their behaviour in school, educational achievement, and their willingness to set goals and work hard to achieve them. XLM London takes referrals from 23 agencies across Southwark, Lewisham, and Tower Hamlets.

XL-Mentoring is re-shaping the future of young people across the UK.

For over 16 years, XLP has witnessed positive stories of young people whose futures have changed from going nowhere to having hope and purpose. These stories rarely get aired but are the fuel that keeps the vision alive.

> A young woman who has been in care for several years was permanently excluded from school and had extreme trust issues with adults, has now established a trusting relationship with her mentor and is working hard to improve her literacy as a first step.

> A young woman permanently excluded from school for fighting and carrying a knife is now back in mainstream education with significantly improved attendance and grades and working hard towards a better future.

> A young man from a single-parent family, who was getting into fights and failing in school, has significantly improved his behaviour at school and at home, is focusing on his school work and relating far better to his peers. He has also started to attend church together with his mother and their relationship has been repaired.

Being a part of the XLM National Network means you’re never in it alone.

Being a mentoring coordinator has its successes and challenges just like any other type of youth work. We wanted to create a network of people that felt supported and encouraged, especially on the hard days. Joining the XLM National Network of Mentoring Coordinators means that you have access to hundreds of other churches and organisations who are running an XLM project just like you somewhere else in the UK. Our regional training means that you have the opportunity to network with other local churches and organisations who are passionate about mentoring.



“The work of XLP on inner city estates is nothing short of remarkable, and the XLM mentoring scheme presents a fantastic opportunity for local churches to draw alongside young people and be a positive influence, helping them to reach their full potential.” Rev. Pete Hughes

“XLP lives out Jesus Christ’s commitment to those in need through its youth work and helps create positive futures for young people who desperately need that support. I am delighted that XL-Mentoring is helping churches across the country set up and run mentoring programmes in their own communities and pray God will bless this immensely important work.” Justin Welby,  the Archbishop of Canterbury

“Many of us see the headlines about disenfranchised young people and wonder how things are going to change. I believe the answer lies in programmes like XLM National. Mentoring is a simple yet hugely powerful way to help a young person change their life. I would encourage as many churches as possible to get involved in XLM National – it is a wonderful way to demonstrate the life-changing news of the gospel to vulnerable young people.”  Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor

“XLM is one of the most effective, transformational tools available to us and I am thrilled to see its growing momentum. Behind the screaming headlines about knife crime and broken families there are thousands of individuals simply trying to make sense of their lives. XLM equips every single one of us to change that massive problem, one life at a time. And in the process we ourselves are changed and enriched.” Pete Greig 24-7 Prayer and Alpha International

“Young people need acceptance, love, guidance and significance.  The mentoring project from XLP is a great way to get involved in making a difference to the most vulnerable – let’s see every young person reach their potential by working together, get your church involved now.” Ali Campbell, Adviser for work with children and young people for the Diocese of Chichester

“Bonhoeffer said that, ‘the test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children’, and I think that applies to us in our churches too. XLM National is a brilliant way to respond to the huge problems facing the young people of our country.  So come on, let’s get our act together and be a part of this”. Ruth Valerio, Advisor A Rocha Uk


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