Some people have reported a difficulty in opening the embedded video clips in the powerpoint. You may need to upgrade your version of Quicktime: If that still doesn’t work, you can find the links to the videos online below as well as a description on what point we are hoping to make with each one. Of course, feel free to add different clips into your training.


Slide 8 = Children’s Commissioner on school exclusion

(The clip we use is from 0:44 to 2:15; this is used to demonstrate the impact that being permanently excluded from mainstream education can have; we focus on the line ‘exclusion can sometimes be a life sentence that locks young people out of future opportunities’; you might want to focus on other types of social exclusion as well – being bullied, being from a different country/culture, moving to a new school etc.)

Slide 10 = The innovation of loneliness

(We use the clip in its entirety to talk about the impact that social media is having on our young people today, and focus on the idea that young people are being encouraged to present their ‘perfect self’ online and discouraging real human connection. We talk about how young people are sacrificing their modesty, innocence, and aspirations in order to make connections with others and often get addicted to the internet through gaming, social networking, or pornography. This is used to highlight the need for young people to have meaningful relationships.)


Slide 3 = Best commercial EVER!!

(This clip highlights the need for us to look past the common all stereotypes that we have of young people, and that when we get to know teenagers one to one, we can see them for the talented, passionate, capable young people that they are.)


Slide 5 = I will not let an exam result decide my fate

(This controversial clip is used to highlight the point that a lot of young people struggle to connect with mainstream education and can often feel frustrated, disconnected, and misunderstood. We also use it to talk about how mentoring can provide opportunities to help a young person identify and pursue what their passion is, if they’re not able to discover it within a school context. This clip often strikes some conversation and debate, so make sure that you feel comfortable with the content and why you’re showing it before you do so.)

Last slide = Freedom Writers, Toast for Change

(Once you have gone through the mentoring relationship chronologically, it’s helpful to remind the mentors at this point about the impact mentoring can have – that it’s about coming alongside a young person and cheering them on and helping them make a ‘toast for change’ in their own lives.)



Last slide = Lost Generation by Jon Reed

(After a heavy session on safeguarding and child protection, it’s helpful to end on a positive note. You may choose to use an alternative clip; this one drives home the point that we have the power to change an entire generation.)

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